Jun 212012

I haven’t actually had time to watch it yet but I thought I’d mention it before it disappears off iPlayer: there was a Culture Show special about The Orbit.  I was originally going to be interviewed for it, but wasn’t in the end purportedly because the stuff I was going to be talking about (i.e. the way that we actually went about designing the thing) was deemed too complicated for the average viewer to understand, so they decided to go for a man standing on a wobbly board instead.  Stay classy, BBC.

But never mind – I’ve been boosting my media profile in other ways recently, first of all by giving a talk at the recent International Roguelike Development Conference about procedural generation as used in architecture contrasted with its use in game development.  Then by appearing on the most recent episode of Roguelike Radio to discuss the same thing and various other aspects of these vidjagame thingies all the kids are banging on about these days.

This now I believe makes me exactly famous enough to count as a ‘celebrity’ for the purposes of ITV reality shows.

Feb 062011

I didn’t actually know about this until I accidentally stumbled accross it in iplayer, but Cecil Balmond (my boss when I was in Arup’s AGU (Advanced Geometry Unit), until he went off to do his own thing) did a radio series for the BBC a little while ago about the evolution and use of mathematics in design.  As it turns out, they’re pretty good, and well worth a listen if you’re at all interested in anything ever.

You can listen to all three episodes here.

Episode 3 is where he gets into the sort of things that we actually do for a living, but episode 2 in particular is well worth listening to for the part where Cecil interviews the previously mentioned (and sadly recently deceased) Benoit Mandelbrot.  I geeked out a bit over that part and it sounds like Cecil did too.