AS.T.Ro is a science-fiction themed squad-tactics roguelike.  The basic genesis of it was that I wanted a project that I could use to teach myself Java, and feeling inspired by the 7-day-roguelike challenge (though lacking the time to actually compete that week) I decided to write a roguelike in 48 hours – which is to say 48 total hours coding time spread out over a couple of months whenever I could find the time.  Just to jump on as many game development bandwagons as possible I decided to mix it up a little by giving you control of a small squad of characters rather than just the one.  Also, it’s in space!

For the full story of how I got on, you can check out my devlog on TIGSource: here. But, long story short: I succeeded!


  • Control a team of 4, each with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Battle 9 different enemy types
  • Use 14 different items
  • Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilisations and shoot them with lasers


Play it online here:

If you like it, let me know.  Even though this version is ‘complete’ there are still plenty of ideas that I didn’t have time to implement, so if there is sufficient interest I wll probably continue to expand it ad infinitum, in the grand roguelike tradition.



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