Super Hover Blast

Well, it’s finished.  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I proudly present…

(version 1.1, .zip, 49.3Mb)

Super Hover Blast, as mentioned in the earlier preview, is a free 3D action/puzzle game that I’ve been working on for a while now (about 18 months on-and-off, I think) and which I have finally decided to release into the wild.  It began as a project to create a physics engine from scratch and to teach myself C++ and morphed into something a bit more…

Tasked with single-handedly bringing down the regime of the evil kitten-hating General Al Imakhbeel, your mission is to clear out a series of heavily-defended military bases.  However, to make things interesting the only weaponry at your disposal is a hovercraft armed with a powerful – but basically harmless – air cannon.  The enemy, on the other hand, has missiles, machine guns, land mines, spinning blades, pointy spikes and a whole load of other tools of destruction.  If you’re going to survive you’ll need to figure out some way of turning their own weapons against them…

The game then is kind of a shoot-em-up but without any actual weapons.  Your air cannon does zero damage but can be used to clear your path of obstacles, push enemies into hazards, deflect missiles…  Completing each level requires a certain amount of point-n-shoot skill, sure, but it also needs clever positioning, lateral thinking and forward planning in order to defeat all the enemies in each stage using only the weapons and traps they’re trying to use against you.

The best description I’ve managed to come up with for how this works in practice is “a bit like billiards, only in real-time and with all the balls trying to murder you”.  If that sounds vaguely appealing to you then here’s that download button again:

(version 1.1, .zip, 49.3Mb)

Then simply unzip the file somewhere on your computer.  To change your display options run setup.exe.  If you enjoy it, please tell your friends!

Credit where it’s due: The game uses the 3d graphics engine ‘Irrlicht’ by Nikolaus Gebhardt and his crew; the music is by Kevin Macleod; everything else is by me, but with help, playtesting and advice from: Kim Loo, Dustin Gunn, Robert Garford-Tull, Daniel Brown, Daniel Sheppard and everybody who posted something in this thread.

Update 28/02/2011: Version 1.1: Added support for AZERTY keyboards and added some missing .dlls for the setup utility that somehow avoided inclusion the first time. Sneaky .dlls!

5 thoughts on “Super Hover Blast

  1. avatar Pedro Pablo Angarita

    Hi Paul, how are you?, contratulations for this great game, is a really excellent work.

    Greetings from Colombia.

  2. Nice work. Did not expect the firing mechanism to be so NERF ;) but it’s fun.

  3. Looks awesome. Must add to my list!

  4. Still waiting for a Space Nuns reboot.

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